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Check out this week’s episode of USD News!  Learn about new phone plan options for people traveling abroad, how selfies could be spreading head lice, and the details about the recent Mission Beach Stabbing.  Plus, hear all about what is happening recently in USD Sports! Read More USD News – March 31, 2014

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The Colourist talks about their new album, Coachella, and spraying fans with CO2. Featuring their newest single, Little Games, their new self-titled album is out now. Subscribe to USDtv for upcoming interviews with other artists! Read More The Colourist Interview

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Check out our interview with Walk off the Earth!  Hear about their tour, voodoo doll encounters, and what they did before they were a band.  Their album R.E.V.O. features popular song Red Hands.

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Check out this semester’s first episode of Rumor Has It!  Find out all the gossip surrounding the upcoming Academy Awards, including speculation about what the celebrities will be wearing and how which movies will win the coveted prizes.  Our hosts, Rachel Lloyd and Carrington Novo, will take you through it all!

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Watch this week’s USD News, featuring special reports about Oprah’s man Stedman Graham and USD News’ studio launch with ABC News.

Learn about Kappa Delta’s philanthropy event coming up in a couple of weeks, USDtv’s Film Festival, and all the news happening in the world this week.  Our team will catch you up on everything you need to know!


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