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Hey all you lovely USD people!  Welcome to the official site for USDtv.  This is where our organization posts videos from our various segments, including USD News, Arts & Culture, and Rumor Has It.  We work hard to bring you quality posts, and we hope that you enjoy and share them with your friends.  

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USDtv Channel 75

USDtv has a channel?!

YES!  You heard right!  USDtv has its own channel on the USD network.

Where can I watch all the awesome shows USDtv has to offer?!

Hit those buttons 7 and 5 on your remote to watch USDtv on Channel 75 today!


Welcome to our new site! We are so excited to share with you all that our studio has to offer, including weekly news reports, specials on where to find the best restaurants and concerts, and tons of fashion and celebrity gossip.  Take a look around and make sure to give us some feedback about what you think! :)